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AI for Covid 19 Triage POC

Several months ago Zebra Medical Vision saw the growing Covid-19 epidemic and steered it's developers to build an AI algorithm based on a Patent on Ground Glass Opacities that was obtained in 2016.

One of our hospital partners in the Northeast is helping drive what is needed for clinical outcomes. Their message/need was the following, On our Covid Floor, everyone is Covid positive, everyone is sick, has a fever, can't breath and is scared. We need to have a way of determining the severity of their condition.

Zebra AI developers built an AI algorithm for detecting COVID-19 which will be ready May 1st for wide distribution. The Algorithm will detect and quantify suspected COVID-19 on standard, both contrast and non-contrast Chest CTs. The AI algorithm will output the Lung burden Volume- % affected lung volume relative to the entire lung volume, Segmentation of the suspected findings with key Images with annotations.  We are doing our part to help those who are affected by Covid-19 by providing this at No cost to hospitals with Large 1,2,3rd and 4th Waves.


Zebra Medical Vision began building an AI Visual deep learning algorithm based on a patent we were granted in 2016 for ground glass opacities which is a dominant imaging feature of COVID-19 pneumonia. We have added several considerations based on customer feedback to give more depth to analyze/track the severity/progression of the infection.


This AI algorithm will help map the trajectory of the disease in the patient through the precision use of CT.


Our Goal is to provide this Algorithm at NO COST to our partner's hospitals around the world. This includes all implementation COST. The target Hospital should be those who have a high COVID-19 population.  


Tech Details: for best results and minimum impact to the workflow, a HL-7 connection to the PACS to drive and flag the Worklist would be preferred but not needed. Ramp up time is a week and the POC will be available to use May 1st. Ever
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