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A standards-based, plug-and-play interoperability and analytics platform: HealthConcourse

HealthConcourse is a digital health platform that links data consumers (mobile apps, portals, analytics) to fragmented and unstandardized data providers. HealthConcourse provides 4 primary functions:
1. Data ingestion and standardization: HealthConcourse aggregates data (including free text) from multiple sources, maps and transforms the data to FHIR and normalizes terminology bindings and identities (e.g., patient identities). 
2. Knowledge management: HealthConcourse brokers the registration, discovery and execution of 3rd party knowledge services (e.g., clinical decision support algorithms) against available FHIR resources. Any computable algorithm encapsulated as as a microservice with a CDS-Hooks interface can be added into our plug-and-play knowledge layer.
3. Business process automation: HealthConcourse can import and run BPM+ models describing clinical practice guidelines and other clinical workflows. Our BPM+ discovery process identifies and delivers contextually aware data and decision support to the appropriate activities within in a BPM+ model.
4. Secure data syndication: HealthConcourse exposes FHIR APIs, supports bulk data transfer, participates in event driven pub/sub communications and provides data extracts for analytics. 

The HealthConcourse platform provides an interoperability chassis that enables the 4 primary functions and provides orchestration and cohesion for a plug-and-play framework of health-related microservices. These microservices provide beneficial capabilities including terminology services, mapping and transformation services, NLP services, identity services, analytics services, consent and privacy services, validation services, security services and others.  

HealthConcourse is cloud native yet containerized with OpenShift for deployment onto any modern cloud platform. 

HealthConcourse can be used to load COVID-19 patient data sets and test/validate COVID-19 decision support, analytics and practice guidelines.
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