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Telehealth Mobile Application - Helpsy Health

Helpsy is the world’s first whole-health and virtual nurse platform for use across the entire care spectrum, providing dynamic support to patients and empowering patients and clinicians alike. The artificially intelligent Symptom management And Navigation (SAN) nurse can automatically create personalized, condition specific care plans that addresses the members physical, emotional, social, and environmental needs. Helpsy has served tens of thousands of patients from all over the world and the data generated provides insights that have never been captured or understood before.

Helpsy RPM Rx (remote patient monitoring) can send a monitoring kit with
thermometer, HR, oxygen saturation monitoring, etc. and enable collection of data automatically from these devices to the user's app. Additionally, the virtual nurse will engage the member 24/7 by monitoring symptoms, reminding them to monitor, answering questions, and escalating care. If a change in condition is noted, then it is automatically auto-triaged and consultation can be provided through telemedicine
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  • #COVID
  • #PatientEngagementPlatform
  • #SymptomTracker
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Care Coordination with COVID-19 Extenaion
  • Patient Mobile Application
  • telehealth
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