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Enli COVID-19 Patient Monitoring - deployed in 25 metro areas across 15 states

Enli’s COVID-19 care coordination solution is a cloud-based patient tracking program for healthcare providers and payers. Workflow and task support enable teams to record, manage, and monitor patients under investigation or diagnosed with coronavirus. 

Suspected or confirmed cases can be imported from any data source or added manually. During import, the patient profile can be augmented with comorbidities and other risk factors defined by the CDC. Once processed, patients are sent to the COVID-19 program worklist for active management by the care team.

Risk factors are automatically assessed so care coordinators can filter to prioritize outreach. Patients can be assigned to specific care team members that are most suited for job, supporting top-of-license work. The tool includes tasks that are based on CDC and WHO COVID-19 guidelines, including check-ins, self-isolation, and assessments for symptomatic and high-risk individuals. The care plan can be tailored for specific patients based on clinical and non-clinical factors that are accessible within the tool. Contact patients using an integrated texting service or patient-member portals. All data can be easily exported to other HIT systems for processing, reporting, and storage.       

Key Features:
•	Leverages Enli’s industry-leading cloud-based Central Worklist application with COVID-19-specific configuration.
•	Translates current CDC and WHO guidance on self-isolation at home into care team decision support.
•	Allows clinical users to assess symptomatic and high-risk individuals to determine if self-isolation is safe and practical.
•	Facilitates periodic care coordination check-in calls to detect symptomatic deterioration and possible need for in-person care.
•	Incorporates CDC guidance on when to discharge patients from self-isolation.
•	Supports importing patient lists from any data source. Also supports manual data entry from the frontlines including urgent care centers and temporary hospital facilities.
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