Argonaut Phase 2 Implementation & Testing - Developing a Web Based Client

This is a personal project to test the FHIR ( and Security standards (, that are currently being tested as part of the Argonaut Phase 2 Implementation & Testing Project (

The project is currently developing a web based client that connects securely (via SMART OAuth2 profiles) to various FHIR servers that are being deployed by participants of the Argonaut project.  

Once the Argonaut phase 2 implementation is completed, the application will be deployed on the internet.

The application uses Spring Boot (  and is written in Java, with AngularJS frontend.

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Project Tags
  • AngularJS
  • FHIR
  • Java
  • OAuth2
  • Spring Boot
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Project Results
1) Completed Sprint 1 - 5  of the Argonaut Project.