Data Access Framework (DAF) Pilot-PopMedNet

Lincoln Peak will work with ONC and participating PCORI CDRN representatives to extend and leverage the FHIR standards developed in DAF Phase 1 and 2 for use in accessing data from multiple organizations within PopMedNet. As the architects and developers of PopMedNet, the distributed research application used to power PCORI, LPP is in unique position to assist the project team in designing and implementing DAF FHIR standards. In general, LPP uses an agile approach to software development. As such, Lincoln Peak will focus on achieving a successful end-to-end test implementation of sending queries to FHIR enabled DataMarts as quickly as possible. This may result in an iterative approach in developing the capabilities declared in the initiative and/or re-prioritizing the order we execute them. Lincoln Peak is the technology company that developed PopMedNet and hosts and supports the PCORnet and FDA Sentinel Networks. Lincoln Peak also provide support to groups that operate their own PopMedNet instances.
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  • CDRN
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