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The SANER Project

The Situation Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response Project a.k.a, the SANER Project was launched by Audacious Inquiry in response to concerns from public health departments, health information exchanges supporting public health, and inquiries from public health officials at the regional, state and Federal level in the US.

It is the technical part of a multi-pronged effort to develop a workable, quickly deployable, national approach for situational awareness. The initial short-term goals of this are three fold:

* Quickly develop a specification that will support communication of essential situation awareness data for consumption by public health.
* Test the ability of systems to use this specification.
* Pilot test systems implementing the specification in real world settings.

Longer term goals include evolving this specification as a balloted HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide, and further adapting, testing, and piloting it to meet the growing needs of public health as the current crisis evolves. But at the outset, this is not a standards development project. Rather it is a software development project that is looking to deploy a solution rapidly in the midst of a crisis.
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