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Leading Edge Acceleration Projects (LEAP) in Health Information Technology - FHIRedApp: An API-based patient engagement platform

The project is focused on the development of a patient engagement platform using FHIR APIs that allows the integration of mobile Apps to access patients’ clinical data while taking into consideration user-centered design principles.  This platform will empower patients to gain access and give access to their health data to App developers while ensuring privacy and security of personal information. FHIRedApp seeks to enhance usability and enable the access of health opportunities for underrepresented population to better participate in their health care and research while allowing data to be shared and transferred from various sources and between patients, clinicians, and researchers. 

There are three phases in this project: Design, Develop and Demonstrate.
- Design a patient engagement platform that is user-centered by working closely with the individuals that will ultimately use and benefit from the platform. 
- Develop the platform by integrating clinical data from an HIE to FHIRedApp through FHIR APIs. 
- Demonstrate the usability and adoption of this platform by integration of a commercially available social service referral App and a new research study coordination App.  
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  • Consent
  • FHIR
  • interoperability
  • ONC Funded
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