Interoperability Proving Ground (IPG) submissions within the ONC Tech Lab are submitted by healthcare, technology and development organizations that are invested in Health IT and Interoperability and want to share, learn and collaborate with similar stakeholders in the US, and around the world.

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The iNavigator platform allows for the discovery of interoperability solutions, use cases, case studies, vendors, standards, regulations and more. iNavigator offers a curated index, a single place to discover information, assets, and even APIs. It allows the user to get detailed information on a healthcare technology, or even to understand how a local HIE can meet the needs of the community. It prevents the time and cost associated with cross-referencing multiple resources and trying to interpret different information and options.

iNavigator  is allowing for the discovery of information across interoperability stakeholders: medical societies, HIEs, academia, vendors, service providers, non-profits/industry alliances, payers, accreditation agencies, etc. Each industry segment is composed of a large number of companies, each contributing to interoperability.  iNavigator will provide the interoperability bridge and incentives to make that information discoverable. 
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