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Provider User-Experience Challenge

The Provider User-Experience (UX) Challenge incents the development of applications that use the FHIR API to enable innovative ways for providers to interact with patient health data. This challenge will focus on demonstrating how data made accessible to apps through APIs can positively impact providers experience with EHRs by making clinical workflows more intuitive, specific to clinical specialty, and actionable.
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Project Results
Phase 2 First Prize - Herald Health ($50,000): Its solution helps clinicians manage the overwhelming flow of alerts and information by allowing them to create highly customizable push notifications. These can be tailored to both individual patients and groups and exported to fellow users.   ***   
Phase 2 Second Prize and Connector Award - University of Utah Health Care / Intermountain Healthcare / Duke Health System ($50,000): Their solution is a clinical decision support tool that can provide recommendations for the treatment of babies with jaundice detected at birth based on the level of liver waste products found in their blood.   ***   
Phase 2 Honorable Mention - PHRASE Health: This solution uses clinical decision support to help clinicians align with priorities such as public health alerts.   ***   
Phase 1 Winners ($15,000 each): Herald Health, PHRASE Health, University of Utah Health Care / Intermountain Healthcare / Duke Health System, WellSheet