EzVac: Immunization Forecasts using FHIR at the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

In the 1990s, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital began developing a comprehensive, standards-based immunization information system. The system, known as EzVac, contains a large repository of immunization history and has been operational since 1998. It uses HL7 Version 2 messaging and communicates with multiple EHRs affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian hospital as well as with the NY City Immunization Registry. In this proof-of-concept project, our goal is to provide clinical decision support on vaccine forecasting via FHIR services. Additionally, we are extending our implementation to provide FHIR based queries for immunization within our institution.
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  • EHR
  • FHIR
  • Immunization
  • Immunization Registry
  • interoperability
Project Point of Contact: kn2174remove@removecumc.columbia.edu
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