CDA Viewer - Medical Record Rendering Application and Server

This application was initially based on the winning entry of the HL7/ONC C-CDA Rendering Tool Challenge (see
That tool has been further developed and implements extended CDA viewing functionality, allowing easy viewing, analysis and editing of CDA files. 

We are interested in collaborations and requests for further feature development.

Features include:
Personal privacy and security.
Multiple document loading.
Structure and Validation reporting of a batch or single document.
Patient feedback collection.
Review functionality.
Quality assurance checking: The machine readable (XML) version of the document can be viewed and easily compared to the narrative text.

Document details including author are immediately accessible.

Provenance and authorship assessment.

Visual indicators of Section linking.

Access Logging.

As well as being a standalone desktop application, the Viewer can installed as a server to allow integration with third party systems via a http request..
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Further details are on the website, or contact us directly.