EMDI- Cognosante Interoperability Pilot

Organization: Cognosante POC: Phil Surine, Client Services; Mike Lundie, HIE Director; Pilot Goal: Cognosante desires to participate in an EMDI pilot to test the feasibility of a particular use case where a patient's medical documentation is made available to the authorized requesting entity by means of a  specially designed HL7 FHIR based medical documentation viewer. We intend to demonstrate the workflow for authorization, technical feasibility of using FHIR resources to obtain the necessary data; and the ability to demonstrate the time saving obtained by not having to reproduce medical documentation for delivery to a requesting party.
Start Date
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Project Tags
  • EMDI
  • FHIR
  • HIE
  • HL7
  • interoperability
  • Provider-to-Provider
Project Point of Contact: EMDI_Teamremove@removescopeinfotechinc.com
Project Results