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EMDI- Competech SmartCard Solutions Inc. Interoperability Pilot

Organization: Competech SmartCard Solutions Inc. POC: Mark Bushee, President; Greg Thornton, CEO; Pilot Goal: Working with CMS, Scope InfoTech, and other EMDI P2P participants, Competech will adapt, customize, and pilot its existing HSID HIT platform to facilitate and demonstrate the secure exchange and meaningful use of electronic health records for hospitals, physicians, Home Health Agency (HHA) services, Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetic, Orthotic, & Supplies (DMEPOS), labs, comprehensive primary care networks such as CPC+, and virtual physician networks. The meaningful use goals or expected outcome(s) are to decrease the improper payment rate minimize claim appeals reduce administrative burden and costs for providers, payers and suppliers of DMEPOS and improve provider-to-provider communication.
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  • EMDI
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  • Provider-to-Provider
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