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EMDI- ResMed Interoperability Pilot

Organization: ResMed POC: Larissa D’Andrea, Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs; Roxie Murray, Sr. Program Manager, GoScripts Solution, Healthcare Informatics; Pilot 1: (Provider-to-Provider) Demonstrate interoperability between referral source (physician group or hospital EMR) and DME supplier through an electronic scripting platform for the delivery of DME. Pilot 2: (Oxygen eClinical Template) Demonstrate that GoScripts can verify all fields are completed per the finalized oxygen template before DME can be dispensed. Pilot Goal: Our goal for the first pilot is to integrate GoScripts with a referral source EMR to seamlessly deliver DME prescriptions to a DME supplier for digesting. After the success of the first pilot, our second goal is to demonstrate that GoScripts can comply with all Oxygen eClinical Template requirements to verify that all items are met before authorizing a DME supplier to dispense a DME. 
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  • eClinical_Template
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  • interoperability
  • Provider-to-Provider
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