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EMS Connectivity

Objective:  Drive interoperability between the hospital and EMS agencies throughout the patient’s transport and hospital stay – impacting the quality of care, patient safety and outcomes reporting.
Description:  Every year, approximately 30M patient transports take place in the US.  Historically, when patients are transported to the hospital by EMS agencies, acute care information is typically shared verbally with the ED, while in non-acute cases, documentation is often sent via fax within 24 hours of patient delivery to meet Joint Commission requirements. This process creates an additional burden on both sides, as ePCR information must be printed and faxed by the EMS agency and later entered into the hospital’s EHR. Additionally, EMS agencies spend time tracking down patient’s name and health insurance carrier so that they can get reimbursed. 

In this use case, Kno2 creates the connectivity between the EMS agency and the hospital. Through our platform, Kno2’s integrated EMS EMR partners can:
•	Broadcast query by EMS crew to providers surrounding patients home for most recent meds, allergies, problem list, recently performed procedures, etc. – (Carequality, Commonwell, P2P HIE) –allowing them to provide safer care during transport
•	Transition of care from EMS crew to the hosp staff – (Direct message with C-CDA)
•	Complete prehospital report from EMS agency to hosp HIM/compliance staff – After they deliver the patient to the ED, EMS agencies prepare and send the ePCR to complete the record of care and meet regulatory requirements (Direct message, HL7, MDM, IHE)
•	Outcomes data - Upon discharge, the hosp can provide the patient treatment and outcomes data within a C-CDA and deliver it via Direct message, or the EMS agency can query for outcomes, confirming accuracy of treatment to ensure ongoing improved quality of care – (Direct message with C-CDA, Carequality, Commonwell)
•	Payer information - EMS agency can query for pymt info & submit for timely reimbursement
Start Date
Projected End Date

Project Tags
  • C-CDA
  • Carequality
  • CommonWell
  • direct secure messaging
  • EHR
  • EMS
  • HL7
  • Hospitals
  • IHE
  • interoperability
  • Kno2
  • MDM
Project Point of Contact:
Project Results
Expected Outcomes: 
•	Connect “all” EMS providers to improve patient safety in the field
•	Streamline patient transitions and information sharing between EMS and Hospital staff
•	Eliminate fax and scanning workflows (improve efficiency) to make EMS reports available electronically
•	Supply data to community paramedics real-time in the field
•	Improve EMS services by providing outcomes data timely and consistently