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ConnectEHR Transition of Care and DIRECT – Dynamic Health IT

ConnectEHR is flexible, modularly-certified software designed to provide ONC certification modules and maximize interoperability within the framework of an existing EHR. Two primary pathways for interoperability in this project are DIRECT protocol and Transition of Care (TOC) document support.

Through DIRECT, ConnectEHR provides an authenticated, encrypted means of sending clinical documents, with batch send capability and connectivity to multiple DIRECT HISPs. We have developed both Patient Portal and administrative user interfaces that allow users to monitor message status. We completed development on XDS.b Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing at the beginning of February and are now in the process of expanding integration of the UI screens with more HISPs and support for DIRECT Edge protocols.

A major goal of this project has been to make sending a TOC C-CDA as easy as a few clicks. TOC recipients who may not have a DIRECT address are still able to view/download TOC documents. TOCs – and other health information – should have the ease and feel of webmail, with all attendant back-end security necessitated by exchanges of sensitive data.
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  • Certification
  • HISP
  • ONC
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