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EMDI- ABILITY Network Interoperability Pilot

Organization: ABILITY Network POC: Jennifer Crandall (Product Manager, Clinical Applications), Soo Hyun Choi (Product Manager) Pilot Goal: ABILITY is dedicated to helping our customers solve the problem of document exchange between providers. This pilot needs volunteers from both sides of the document exchange use cases between HHA and Hospitals. ABILITY will represent the HHA customer and we will be paired with (facilitated/assisted by CMS) another vendor representing the hospital customer. ABILITY recognizes a successful outcome will require a willing and able vendor partner to represent the hospital customer/data so we can work to be able to exchange documents indicated in the defined use cases. Once we have paired with such a partner, we expect to solve the three EMDI HHA pilot use cases designed to promote provider-to-provider communications in a healthcare environment.
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  • EHR
  • EMDI
  • interoperability
  • Provider-to-Provider
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