EMDI- Topline Healthcare Interoperability Pilot

Pilot Contact: Mark Kimmel (mark.kimmel@toplinehealthcare.com), Susan Nussbaum (susan.Nussbaum@toplinehealthcare.com). Pilot Goal: The outcome of the Interoperability pilot will be to show the interoperability of electronic submissions from providers-to-lab, results
to providers, and electronic education to patients to support care. It is our goal to support measurable outcomes. This is the Concerted Care Group, Harwood Labs, and Topline Healthcare pilot.

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  • EMDI
  • HL7
  • interoperability
  • Provider-to-Lab
  • Connect
  • HealthcareIT
  • Topline_Healthcare
  • Mark_Kimmel
Project Point of Contact: EMDI_Teamremove@removescopeinfotechinc.com
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