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HL7 FHIR Conformance and Interoperability Test Platform

AEGIS currently provides Touchstone to the HL7 FHIR Implementer community.  Touchstone is a next-generation natural-language processor (NLP) based cloud accessible Test Platform which advances Test-Driven-Development (TDD) Interoperability and Conformance testing; with a focus to provide self-service bi-directional multi-actor exchange based message testing platform.  A few of the unique features include native processing for the HL7 FHIR Test Script Resource.  With more than twelve FHIR Resources currently supporting and growing daily.  Touchstone support crowd-source test case development, where organizations, programs or associated groups will be able to define their own test cases.  Groups include HL7 Argonauts, HSPC, and HL7 FHIR implementations along with support for the HL7 FHIR Connectathon.
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