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GLHC – Complex Care Guides and the Statewide Community Patient Record

Healthcare providers across Michigan have focused resources and efforts on making patient care plans available via a statewide registry. This assures that treatment for complex care patients remains consistent wherever it is received.  In response, Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC) in Grand Rapids, MI, has developed a web-based application for healthcare entities to upload action plans at no cost. In 2013, GLHC partnered with Spectrum Health, Metro Health Hospital, Mercy Health, and other provider organizations in Kent County, to add Community Care Guides to the GLHC statewide health information exchange registry. The participating organizations continue to meet monthly to discuss complex cases and develop care guides. Many complex patients’ diagnoses include behavioral health or chemical dependency issues. They are unfortunately unable to upload documents to the repository at this time, due to existing State  and federal regulations that prohibit the sharing of this information. 
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