FHIR HAPI Test Server

This is the home for the FHIR test server operated by Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services. This server is entirely built using HAPI-FHIR, a 100% open-source Java implementation of the FHIR specification. If you are a Java developer, you can use the HAPI-FHIR client (hapi-fhir-cli) to access this server and the web pages it displays will coach you with client code snippets to guide your exploration.

The resources on this server were generated by MiHIN's PatientGen, a Monte Carlo test data generator that produces realistic patient histories involving clinically relevant patient encounters. The generator models a simulated health care network of Providers, Practices, Hospitals, Specialty and Provider Organizations. A large population of Patients experience weekly incidence and mortality risks for many important medical conditions and procedures. Since all of the resources are produced using random methods, this database contains no PHI and may be freely accessed.
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  • FHIR
  • HIE
  • interoperability
  • Open Source
  • Testing
  • Michigan
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Project Point of Contact: david.livesayremove@removemihin.org
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