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Direct and 10A Preauthorizations - UHIN

In Utah, Skilled Nursing Facilities with Utah Medicaid patients are required to submit 10A Preauthorizations. The prior method was a paper form that was faxed in, but there were issues with this workflow. It was easy for items to get misplaced, critical fields were sometimes left blank, and it took longer for Utah Medicaid to process and track everything.

In 2014, UHIN worked with Utah Medicaid and the SNF facilities to implement an electronic 10A process using Direct. A custom form was built in UHIN's Direct product, so a user could go to the 10A area and fill in the required fields for the form, attach the required documentation, and send the 10A. They can also see past 10A submissions and the status (Pending, In Process, Approved, Denied, etc.), and communicate with Utah Medicaid if they have questions.
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