C-CDA R2.1 Companion Guide

Produce a new C-CDA Companion Guide to support C-CDA R2.1. The purpose of the new Companion Guide is to supplement the C-CDA R2.1 Implementation Guide to provide additional context to assist implementers and connect them to tools and resources; map the common clinical data set (CCDS) to the appropriate C-CDA locations; provide technical guidance for representing the 2015 Ed. CEHRT data requirements using the C-CDA Implementation Guide; include clinically-valid examples of C-CDA components necessary to meet 2015 Ed. CEHRT requirements; recommend an approach to implementations using the C-CDA Implementation Guide to meet the needs of clinicians and achieve ONC Certification

Deliverables from this project include creating a Common Clinical Data Set (CCDS) requirements mapping spreadsheet from the 2015 certification rule to the appropriate C-CDA location; creating a Meaningful Use (MU) mapping for additional data specified for: CCD, Discharge Summary, Referral Note, and Care Plan; creating a draft version of the C-CDA R2.1 Companion Guide;make it available to the public through the HL7 Wiki; conduct a webinar to advise the industry of its availability and review its content; ballot, reconcile and publish the C-CDA R2.1 Companion Guide.

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The published C-CDA R2.1 Companion Guide can be viewed via the link below.
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The published C-CDA R2.1 Companion Guide can be viewed via the link below.