Delta Medix PC Interoperability - Phase 1

This was the phase one of an interoperability Project to send Patient Demographics (V2 ADT & PIX) and Documents (HL7 Documents & CCDAs) from the Delta Medix NextGen EHR to the Keystone Health Information Exchange (KeyHIE), powered by Orion. Delta Medix uses KeyHIE for both a provider portal and for a patient portal (MyKeyCare). In addition to implementing NexGen's EHR Connect Interoperability Suite, they also deployed a Mirth Connect Channel to handle transmission of KeyHIE’s 3-state consent requirements (Share all Content, Do Not Share Content, Share Redacted Content). The next phase of the project will include consumption of CCDAs from KeyHIE directly into the Delta Medix NextGen EHR.
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Project Tags
  • ADT
  • C-CDA
  • EHR Integration
  • Functional Interoperability
  • HIE - EHR
  • HIT Vendor
  • HL7
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