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Total Interoperability Today, with MedKaz®

MedKaz® solves three critical problems facing care providers, and it works today!  It saves them time with each patient. It gives them total interoperability today. And it increases their income. No other system solves even one!

MedKaz assembles a patient’s complete medical record from all their providers in all formats, including paper, along with the patented MedKaz application to manage them, in one place, on a MedKaz device, a unique mini drive the patient carries on a keychain, in a wallet, or wears and gives to any provider anytime, anywhere—in or out of network, at home or away.  

With only two or three clicks a provider can search for and read specific records and, thereby, coordinate care, avoid mistakes and unnecessary visits, tests and procedures, and deliver better, coordinated, lower-cost care.

MedKaz includes complete progress notes (not CCD or CCDA summaries), lab and test reports, operative and discharge reports and other documents used during a visit.

MedKaz is free to providers; we actually pay them to upload their records to our server which makes them searchable and notifies the patient that records are available to be downloaded to their MedKaz. When they have been downloaded, we erase them from our server.  This search function — which instantly searches the entire contents of the patient's MedKaz — is the "magic" capability that makes MedKaz so powerful and useful to both care providers and patients.

With patient approval, providers can print or download to their own EMR systems copies of their patients' records from other providers.  (With appropriate APIs, documents can be uploaded to and downloaded from a patient's MedKaz as structured data.)
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