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Real-time, automated C-CDA clinical data exchange between Epic E.H.R.s and the Mississippi Division of Medicaid

In February 2016, Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) implemented a real-time, automated connection, using Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) standards, to its largest provider’s E.H.R. system to exchange clinical data patient summaries in the C-CDA format.  

This real-time query and exchange connection allows care providers at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) to request C-CDA clinical data summaries of Medicaid patients from Medicaid directly from their E.H.R, and reconcile clinical data with their E.H.R. including medication lists, allergies, diagnoses and procedures. 

Patient summaries received from DOM are presented to the physician inside UMC’s Epic E.H.R. system, in real-time.  After discharge, updated C-CDA clinical summaries are then automatically sent back to DOM, where they are ingested into the DOM Clinical Data Repository (CDR).

Mississippi Medicaid believes this is the first Medicaid agency to establish a real-time, integrated, automated E.H.R. connection for C-CDA exchange with a provider.  

In 2019, the Division of Medicaid completed connections to 3 additional provider health systems for C-CDA query and exchange, as well as the 3 Medicaid Managed Care Organizations in Mississippi.
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