C-CDA Rendering Tool Challenge

The C-CDA Rendering Tool Challenge participants will develop a viewer that enables clinicians to efficiently review the patient data from C-CDA documents that is most clinically relevant to them.  The viewer must be capable of rendering the data as specified by the user and allow them to quickly review the current health and needs of a patient.  The viewer should provide functionality to allow a clinician to view the data so they can quickly assess the status and state of the patient efficiently. The viewer needs to be easy to use and present requested data quickly and clearly, whether through section-based view preferences (ordering), filter functions, intelligent sorting, or some other functionality. 
Participants may wish to consider allowing providers to not only select the data they wish to view, but also provide aids which enable effective review of repeating or reoccurring results within sections. 

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Project Point of Contact: matthew.rahnremove@removehhs.gov
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