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Workforce Development Programs

ONC has awarded seven grantees $6.7 million to update training materials from the original Workforce Curriculum Development program funded under HITECH. In addition to updating training materials, the goal of this program is to train 6,000 incumbent health care workers to use new health information technologies in a variety of settings including: team-based care environment, long-term care facilities, patient-centered medical homes, accountable care organizations, hospitals and clinics.

The updates will focus on the four key topic areas of Population Health, Care Coordination, New Care Delivery and Payments Models, and Value Based & Patient Centered Care).

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Workforce Training Program Awardees

We are pleased to announce the following grantees participating in this program:



University of Alabama at Birmingham $966,436.00
Bellevue College $966,436.00
Columbia University $966,436.00
Johns Hopkins University $966,436.00
Normandale Community College $966,436.00
Oregon Health & Science University $966,436.00
The University of Texas Health Science (Houston) $966,436.00