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Select Pharmacy; Print or Send Rx

Select Pharmacy; Print or Send Rx

Provider selects pharmacy from patient’s stored preferences and reviews the final prescription before sending

    • Question 2 of 2: Does your system display a final prescription review screen so that you can double check and make changes if necessary before the prescription gets sent to the pharmacy?
    • Response: A final prescription summary screen reduces prescription related discrepancies and ensures prescription accuracy and completeness. It is a vital step in creating an e-prescription and should occur each time a medication is prescribed. Contact members of your clinical and IT staff or EHR vendor to make improvements to this screen or work flow.

This is an image of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system’s electronic prescription review screen. It shows six discrete medication fields.  The fields are: Patient, Age, Medication, Directions, Dispense, Refills, Provider, and Pharmacy.  The patient field has a value of “John Doe.” The age field has a value of “50 y.” The medication field has a value of “Simvastatin 40 mg Oral Tablet.” The directions field has a value of “Take 1 tablet by mouth daily in the evening.” The dispense field has a value of “90 tablets.” The refills field has a value of “3.”  The provider field has a value of “Jane Smith, MD.” The pharmacy field has a value of “ABC Pharmacy, 123 Main Street, Anywhere, XY 98765; 321.654.9876.” At the bottom of the screen there is a question with two answer choice boxes. The questions reads, “Are you ready to submit this E-Prescription?” The available answers are “OK” and “Cancel.”

*Your EHR may not look like this. There are different ways developers have met the requirements. This is one construct.