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A Prescription for e-Prescribers: Getting the Most Out of Electronic Prescribing

Select Pharmacy; Print or Send Rx

Provider selects pharmacy from patient’s stored preferences and reviews the final prescription before sending

    • Question 1 of 2: Does your system allow you to store your patients’ preferred pharmacy(ies)?
    • talking with medicine at hand Response: The ability to store patient preferred pharmacy information will improve your efficiency in order entry and help ensure the prescription is routed to the correct pharmacy to prevent a delay in care. Multiple pharmacies may be necessary to accommodate different drug therapies, such as acute, chronic or specialty medications. Consider developing clinic work flows that incorporate this during the patient intake process. As part of this process, it is important to select the preferred pharmacy based on pharmacy name, address, phone number and fax number. Contact members of your clinical and IT staff or EHR vendor to verify that the pharmacy information is accurate and up-to-date. Consider incorporating e-prescribing signage, phone line messages, and patient reminder cards to help patients come to the office prepared with their preferred pharmacy.