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A Prescription for e-Prescribers: Getting the Most Out of Electronic Prescribing

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  • Question 1 of 4: Do your drug description names include the drug name, strength, strength qualifier, route of administration and dosage form?
  • Response: Complete, accurate and unambiguous structured drug description strings in the electronic prescription message is critical to the pharmacy in dispensing the correct medication to your patient. Drug descriptions should include complete name, dosage strength, strength units, dosage form, and route of administration information. Abbreviated or truncated drug names and dosage forms can result in miss-fills and/or pharmacy clarification call backs. The NCPDP recommendations specifically request EHR and pharmacy technology vendors only use and send their drug database preferred electronic prescribing drug description names. Use of structured drug description name, as defined by the drug database compendia, reduces variations and thereby improves quality. Please review the current National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) SCRIPT Implementation Recommendations for additional details.