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A Prescription for e-Prescribers: Getting the Most Out of Electronic Prescribing

Review Alerts and Advisories

Provider reviews warnings such as duplicate therapy or drug-drug interactions, and other messages, as well as formulary status and drug benefits

  • Question 1 of 2: Does your system provide clinical decision support, such as dosing alerts, allergy alerts, duplicate therapy warnings, and best practice advisories?
  • Response: If you are using an ONC certified health IT product, then you have clinical decision support (CDS) functionality. The CDS alerts and warnings can help you optimize treatment for your patients. This is a critical point to apply clinical judgment. If your practice utilizes prescriber extenders the clinician with ultimate responsibility for the prescription must be engaged to review alerts and advisories. Contact members of your clinical and IT staff or EHR vendor if you need to make adjustments to your CDS settings.