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Regional Extension Centers (RECs)

REC Support for Privacy and Security

Leading the way to Privacy and Security programsbuilding trust through security risk assessment, encryption protection, backup data protection, workflow strategy

The Regional Extension Center (REC) program is vital to supporting providers across the country in effectively adopting and meaningfully using Health Information Technology (HIT) to improve patient care.  Ensuring privacy and security of health information, including information in electronic health records (EHR), is a key component to building the trust required to realize the potential benefits of electronic health information exchange. If individuals and other participants in a network lack trust in electronic exchange of information due to perceived or actual risks to electronic health information or the accuracy and completeness of such information, it may affect their willingness to disclose necessary health information and could have life-threatening consequences.

Privacy and Security Services Lines

  • Onsite Security risk assessments for hospitals and clinics
  • Virtual Security risk assessment tools
  • Privacy and Security Boot camps and training
  • One on One Webinars
  • System Encryption review
  • Mobile Device Security and compliance training

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