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Solutions: Overcoming Challenges to Meaningful Use in Practices

Providers Face Problems in Providing Patient-Specific Education Materials

Providers participating in the meaningful use incentive program must use a certified EHR system to identify and provide patient-specific education materials to at least 10 percent of all unique patients with office visits. This is a menu set measure in Stage 1 of meaningful use, and a core measure in Stage 2. Some providers face problems with this measure due to uncertainty about the requirements, concerns that the EHR system will not tailor materials appropriately to patients’ medical needs, difficulty accessing patient education materials that are categorized for language and literacy, and limited knowledge about how the EHR system handles patient education data. Given the emphasis on patient engagement in meaningful use requirements, providers need to understand how to use the EHR system effectively to integrate patient education into medical encounters. The solutions described below have helped providers to implement patient portals and personal health records (PHRs) in a way that supports patient activation.


  1. Review and understand the guidelines for meeting this measure
  2. Understand how the  EHR system manages the retrieval of patient education materials
  3. Provide patient education materials according to patient preferences
  4. Establish workflow with assigned responsibilities
  5. Participate in vendor training to meet this measure