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A Prescription for e-Prescribers: Getting the Most Out of Electronic Prescribing

Pharmacy Review and Process

Provider reviews e-prescribing expectations with patients, has staff dedicated to monitoring e-prescription logs, and electronically manages renewal requests

  • Question 1 of 8: Do you educate your patients on e-prescribing and communicate prescription fill-time expectations?
  • Response: It is important to make patients feel comfortable with e-prescribing. Sending prescriptions electronically improves accuracy and safety, while expediting delivery to the pharmacy. It is important to inform patients that their personal information is secure when their prescriptions are sent electronically. There are multiple layers of encryption in the prescriber and pharmacy systems to ensure privacy and security. Although e-prescriptions are transmitted nearly instantaneously and directly into the pharmacy’s computer system, it does not necessarily mean they get filled faster by the pharmacy. Some pharmacies offer free mobile messaging to notify patients when their prescriptions are ready. Encourage your patients to ask their pharmacy about these services.

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