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eConsent Toolkit

Meaningful Consent Video Gallery

Learn more about the ONC eConsent Trial Project which addressed patient questions surrounding consent and provided a way for patients to exercise their consent decisions electronically.

Project Overview and Sample eConsent Trial Patient Experience

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eConsent Project Patient Educational Materials

Consent Decision Overview video

  • Consent Decision Overview – learn about the overall context of the patient’s consent decision in eConsent, from what a health information exchange organization (HIE) is and what the consent options are, to what health information could be shared, who could access the information, and how the information is protected.
  • HIEs and HEALTHeLINK – view an introduction to the HIE context in general and the Western New York HIE “HEALTHeLINK” in particular.
  • Why Give Access? – see an overview of the benefits patients could experience if they consent to the sharing and accessing of their health information in eConsent.
  • What Can Be Accessed? – view the types of information that could be shared or accessed through an HIE if a patient grants consent in eConsent.
  • Who Can Access? – learn about the types of organizations and personnel who could have access to health information in the eConsent HIE and under what circumstances.
  • Is My Information Secure? – learn about the laws and policies, as well as the technical and administrative safeguards, that are in place to protect health information in an HIE.
  • Can I Change My Mind? – view instructions on how patients can change their consent decision in eConsent.
  • More Consent Decision Info – learn about additional details related to making a consent decision in eConsent (e.g., how a doctor will treat a patient regardless of the patient’s decision, a patient’s proxy can make a consent decision for a patient).

eConsent Story Engine Tool Tutorials

Story Engine Logos

View the eConsent Story Engine Tool from an implementer’s perspective:

  • Part 1 of 4: Getting Started – learn about the Story Builder and Story Presenter components of Story Engine, and view a primer on how to get started with Story Builder, the story authoring tool.
  • Part 2 of 4: Creating Pages – see an overview of how to upload assets and create, edit, and update pages in Story Builder.
  • Part 3 of 4: Building Stories – view instructions for creating story paths, developing story conditions, and publishing, importing, and exporting stories in Story Builder.
  • Part 4 of 4: Viewing Stories – learn about the story-viewing and story statistics features of Story Presenter.