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Workforce Development Programs

Health IT Education Opportunities

Staying Current in the Changing Healthcare Environment

FREE Nationwide Health IT Training OPEN for registration NOW

  • Trainings are online and easily accessible
  • Trainings available for ALL Incumbent Healthcare Workers
  • Apply individually and provide your health care affiliation

Explore the training highlights in the links below and choose the ones that apply to your needs:

    • The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston - Care coordination and interoperability of health IT systems, healthcare data analytics, patient-centered care, population health management and value-based care purchasing - go.uth.edu/HICATT
    • Normandale College - Healthcare Data Analytics and Value-Based Care https://www.mnhealthit.com/act.html
    • Oregon Health & Science University  - Healthcare Data Analytics, including population health, interoperability, and data analytics in clinical settings - https://dmice.ohsu.edu/onc-course/
    • Johns Hopkins – Population Health Courses -  www.mnhealthit.com/act.html (using same platform as Normandale)
    • Columbia University – Population health, care coordination, interoperability, value-based care, healthcare data analytics and patient-centered care (HI-FIVE Program) http://hi-five.dbmi.columbia.edu.
    • University of Alabama at Birmingham – Population health, value-based care, data analytics and care coordination - www.uab.edu/healthit
    • Bellevue College – Health Care Data Analytics - ONLY Veterans Administration (VA) Staff