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Success Stories & Case Studies

Health Information Exchange Case Studies

The following case studies provide examples of successful health information exchange efforts. They are organized by the three key forms of health information exchange:

  • Directed Exchange– A mechanism to securely transmit encrypted patient health information to an authenticated provider via the internet.
  • Query-based Exchange– Allows providers the ability to query and retrieve patient information via a secure, trusted, and interoperable connection with other providers.
  • Consumer Mediated Exchange– Enables patients to aggregate their own health information. Consumers with access to their own health information can improve the effectiveness and coordination of their health care by sharing information with other providers, identifying potential medical errors, correcting inaccurate health and billing information, and making more-informed decisions.

Directed Exchange

MedAllies discusses successes of the Direct Project pilot with Hudson Valley providers, one of seven pilot sites, in supporting secure exchange of basic clinical information and public health data with minimal impact on clinical workflow. Read the Case Study

Direct Project pilot leaders highlight successful implementation of Direct messaging capabilities to communicate securely and efficiently, resulting in reduced costs and improved business processes. Read the Case Study

Query-based Exchange

Beacon Community awardees partner with EHR vendors, creating an Affinity Group to safely and securely exchange protected health information. Read the Case Study