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Health Information Privacy and Security
Using Mobile Devices

For purposes of the Mobile Device Privacy and Security subsection of HealthIT.gov, a provider or professional is a person who works with health information. A provider or professional can be a person who provides medical or other health care (such as a doctor, nurse, therapist or social worker) or office support staff. A provider or professional can be a doctor practicing by himself or herself, in a hospital setting, or in a group practice; or a health care professional such as a nurse, therapist, or home health aide. A provider or professional can work at a clinic, in an office or other health care facility. A provider or professional does not necessarily need to work within the confines of an organization’s facility, but could work from a remote location, in a public space, or any combination of locations. A provider or professional can also be a provider as defined by HIPAA. Read more about who is a provider or professional covered by HIPAA.

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