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Enter Parameters

Enter Parameters

Provider enters directions for use and provides all required information to be transmitted to the pharmacy

  • Question 3 of 5: Does your system display both the Quantity and the Quantity Qualifiers descriptions along with the package information for certain medication types? E.g.: Oral and Topical Liquids: 60 mL Bottle, 100 mL Bottle, etc. 
  • Response: It is important that pharmacies receive the prescription Quantity and Quantity Qualifier in a format that specifies a discrete, measurable quantity to reduce potential patient safety events, unnecessary patient expense and clarification call backs. The display of all available Quantities and Quantity Qualifiers for the selected medication enables the prescriber to select the most appropriate dispensing amount for their patients. You can find additional best practices in the current NCPDP SCRIPT Implementation Recommendations or Surescripts Quality Best Practices Guidelines. Contact members of your clinical and IT staff or EHR vendor to further develop and optimize Quantity and Quantity Qualifier field display function.

This is an image of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system’s electronic prescribing screen. It shows six discrete medication fields.  The headings are: Medication, Patient Instructions, Dispense Quantity, Unit, Available as, and Refill. The medication field has a value of “Triamcinolone 0.1% Cream.” The patient instructions field has a value of “Apply a pea size amount on affected area twice daily.” The dispense quantity fields has a value of “30” and the unit field has a value of “Gram.” The available as field shows three options as buttons – 15 g, 30g and 80 g, with the 30 g button highlighted. The refill field has a value of “3.”

*Your EHR may not look like this. There are different ways developers have met the requirements. This is one construct.