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Enter Parameters

Enter Parameters

Provider enters directions for use and provides all required information to be transmitted to the pharmacy

  • Question 2 of 5: Are you entering medication instructions in the free-text "Notes" field?
  • Response: The free-text notes field is designed to communicate non-clinical information to the pharmacy. This field provides a means for prescribers and pharmacists to communicate information. Inclusion of clinical information such as patient directions, days supply, quantity, etc. does at best result in workflow discrepancies at the pharmacies and phone calls to the prescriber seeking clarification and at worst can result in patient safety incidents. You can find additional best practices in the current NCPDP SCRIPT Implementation Recommendations or Surescripts Quality Best Practices Guidelines.

This is an image of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system’s electronic prescribing screen. It shows six discrete medication fields, each having a heading above them.  The field headings include: Medication, Patient Instructions, Dispense Quantity, Unit, Refill, and Notes to Pharmacy. The medication field has a value of “Warfarin Sodium 2.5 mg Oral Tablet.” The patient instructions field has a value of “Take 1 tablet by mouth daily.” The dispense quantity field has a value of “30” and the unit field has a value of “Tablet.” The refill field has a value of “3.” There are two notes to pharmacy discrete fields. The first field displays a free-text value of “Except Wednesday and Friday” and next to this statement in parenthesis text states this is an “INAPPROPRIATE NOTE.” The second field has a free-text value of, “Please counsel patient on side effects”; next to this statement in parenthesis text states this as an “APPROPRIATE NOTE.” The notes to pharmacy section has a callout bubble with text that reads: “The notes field should not be used to convey patient directions or any information that has a structured field.”

*Your EHR may not look like this. There are different ways developers have met the requirements. This is one construct.