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A Prescription for e-Prescribers: Getting the Most Out of Electronic Prescribing

Enter Parameters

Provider enters directions for use and provides all required information to be transmitted to the pharmacy

The image depicts the e-prescription entry screen of the EHR system. It has five discrete medication order fields and each discrete field has a downward arrow indicating an available list of options.  The fields include: Dose which has a value of “1” entered, Unit which has a value of ”Tablet” entered, Route which has a value of “Oral” entered, Frequency which has a value of “Daily” entered, and Additional Directions which is a free-text box with a value of “for blood pressure.” The final section of the medication order screen below these five discrete fields, titled Patient Directions, shows the culmination of each discrete section of the patient directions in one field. It displays, “Take 1 tablet by mouth daily for blood pressure”.  The image also has a callout bubble from the Patient Directions field that reads: “Patient directions are populated based on entries from structured fields above. Each structured field may have a limited list of options.”

*Your EHR may not look like this. There are different ways developers have met the requirements. This is one construct.