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Enabling Privacy: Data Segmentation

Data Segmentation and You

Data segmentation has implications for all of us, whether we are software developers, health care providers, or patients.

Health IT developer with health care providers

If you’re a health information technology (health IT) developer … you’re probably already aware of both the growing market demand and the legal requirements that are driving data segmentation technology. Read the normative standard “HL7 Implementation Guide: DS4P, Release 1” and learn more about the Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P) test cases (“pilots”) and their outcomes. Consider how you can build data segmentation functionality into your products.


Health care provider using laptop

If you’re a provider … take stock of what meaningful consent options you already have available to patients. Talk to your Electronic Health Record (EHR) developers to see if they have a data segmentation module or other capability available. If nothing is currently available, ask when data segmentation functionality might be ready.


Happy patients

If you’re a patient … consider if you have any types of electronic health information that you prefer your doctor not share with doctors or others involved in your care. Talk to your doctor(s) to see what level of consent decisions may be possible with their current health IT systems.



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