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Step 5: Achieve Meaningful Use Stage 2

Electronic Notes


Record electronic notes in patient records.


Enter at least one electronic progress note created, edited and signed by an EP for more than 30 percent of unique patients with at least one office visit during the EHR reporting period. The text of the electronic note must be text searchable and may contain drawings and other content.

Clinical Importance:

Providers are encouraged to electronically record progress notes to provide access to the most well rounded patient information available to support continuity of care across patient care settings. Narrative entries in the progress note are an important component of patient records and complement data captured in defined structured fields; together these components create a more complete picture of the patient’s status and can be used to track patient progress and sharing of information across care settings.

CMS Resources:

The following resources are available to help you meet the Electronic Notes meaningful use menu measure:

CMS EHR Incentive Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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