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Standards Acceleration

The work promoting the adoption and uptake of health information technology is key to ensuring the goals of the HITECH Act. But work being done to ensure that the technical standards and specifications are in place to support this technology is also critical to the development and success of a fully functional nationwide health IT ecosystem. ONC is engaged in working on the development and harmonization of domestic health IT standards, and also interfaces with health IT organizations in the international community to promote best practices and collaboration with other countries.

2015 Standards Advisory

The 2015 Interoperability Standards Advisory represents the model by which the ONC will coordinate the identification, assessment, and determination of the best available interoperability standards and implementation specifications for industry use toward specific health care purposes. The 2015 Advisory is an “open draft” designed to begin an interactive process to prompt focused industry dialogue on areas where disagreement exists regarding the best available standards as well as greater certainty and clarity on areas where widespread consensus exists. ONC is currently accepting public comments on the 2015 Advisory for approximately 90 days which will end at 5pm ET on Friday, May 1, 2015.