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Long-Term & Post-Acute Care

Resources for LTPAC

Tool Kits


Quality Improvement Organizations: Special Innovation Project Toolkits for LTPAC Providers

CO Toolkit:

This toolkit is designed to help nursing homes implement health information technology (HIT)/ health information exchange (HIE) as well as processes related toquality improvement, change management, and care transitions by providing basic guidance, and connections to existing resources.

It is dynamic and updatable to reflect the most recent information on standards, HIT/HIE, tools and assistance for nursing homes to utilize at the level they are at currently, each time they look for a relevant resource.

PA Toolkit:

The purpose of the Health Information Technology for Post-Acute Care Toolkit is to provide a basic level of guidance to long term care facilities in using HIT. It is designed to address the needs of facilities at any point along the spectrum of HIT use, from selection and implementation to optimization of systems and health information exchange.

Also included in this toolkit are tools and templates to assist long term care organizations in improving care coordination (care transitions) and medication reconciliation, key areas which directly impact residents’ health outcome as they transfer across health care settings.

This toolkit is designed to be updated continuously and includes best practices and relevant information to help facilities optimize their use of HIT.

MN Toolkit:

The Health Information Technology Toolkit for Long Term Care - Care Coordination is designed to guide nursing homes and other long term and post-acute care facilities through the process of acquiring and optimizing their HIT to support their medication management and care coordination in transitions of care and work toward achieving HIE.  The toolkit helps organizations understand best practices in care delivery and how to achieve them using HIT.

The toolkit is continually being updated with new information related to best practices, electronic health record (EHR) optimization, and Health Information Exchange.

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