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Standards and Certification Regulations

ONC Regulations FAQs

  • What does it mean to “possess” EHR technology as mentioned in FAQ 9-10-017?

  • The certification criterion at 45 CFR 170.302(n) specifies (and similarly specified in 45 CFR 170.314(g)(2)) that “[f]or each meaningful use objective with a percentage-based measure, electronically record the numerator and denominator and generate a report including the numerator, denominator, and resulting percentage associated with each applicable meaningful use measure.” Is it possible... Read more.

  • The “electronic copy of health information” certification criteria (45 CFR 170.304(f) and 45 CFR 170.306(d)) each require that Certified EHR Technology “enable a user to create an electronic copy of a patient’s clinical information… in: (1) Human readable format; and (2) On electronic media or through some other electronic means….” Is there more than one way to demonstrate compliance with... Read more.

  • I use or would like to use an “interface” to submit data to a public health agency/registry. Does this interface need to be certified?

  • As an eligible provider seeking to demonstrate meaningful use of Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT), what options do I have to meet the Certified EHR Technology definition before and after 2014?

  • I’ve implemented EHR technology developer XYZ’s certified Complete EHR [or certified EHR Module] “E-HealthSystem” which has been certified to the 2011 Edition EHR certification criteria.

  • I am an EHR technology developer preparing my EHR technology for certification. I am relying on a 3rd party software program to demonstrate my compliance with a specific certification criterion. Does this 3rd party software program need to be independently certified?

  • I’ve selected a certified Complete EHR [or certified EHR Module] from EHR technology developer XYZ. That being said, I prefer the certified CPOE EHR Module designed by EHR technology developer ABC over the CPOE capability included in EHR technology developer XYZ’s Complete EHR.

  • I plan to use a “data warehouse” to calculate and submit meaningful use clinical quality measures. Does my data warehouse need to be certified for me to be able to use it to achieve meaningful use?

  • How many clinical quality measures (CQMs) must EHR technology be capable of calculating in order to get certified?