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State Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange Research

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has supported expert research on various aspects of the Health Information Exchange (HIE). This work will support ONC’s State HIE Cooperative Agreement Program grantees as they work to implement and sustain their work. It will also be valuable to certain members of the public, specifically the following groups:

  • HIE implementers, including commercial vendors and community stakeholders;
  • Policymakers, including state and federal executive branch officials or legislators; and
  • Health IT researchers seeking to gain a better understanding of the specifics of HIE.

This research was conducted via a contract with Audacious Inquiry , a health information technology services company. The following reports cover a variety of topics from a range of perspectives. For example, the Query-Based Exchange report is essentially a “how-to” guide for navigating the major considerations facing an HIE, including a breakdown of the determinants of HIE success, real-world case studies, and a literature review on the topic.

HIE Marketplace Research Reports

This work was overseen by the State HIE Cooperative Agreement Program. As additional research under this contract becomes available, it will be shared on this page. For more information, contact ONC Program Analyst John Rancourt (john.rancourt@hhs.gov) or ONC Program Manager Lee Stevens (lee.stevens@hhs.gov).