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Health Information Privacy & Security Collaboration

Harmonizing State Privacy Law

When reviewing state privacy laws and regulations, HISPC members found that laws were frequently antiquated, paper-based, and are sometimes in conflict With electronic health information exchange becoming more prevalent, a number of states have passed, proposed, or are planning to introduce legislation related to health information technology (health IT) and electronic health information exchange. The Harmonizing State Privacy Law Collaborative was formed to (1) develop processes and tools for states to use to work toward harmonizing disparate state laws, and (2) provide a framework for a coordinated approach among states to ensure that when states approach health IT-related reforms, they do not codify new or current variations that could make nationwide electronic health information exchange more difficult.

These tools were developed to assist state-level stakeholders identify, analyze, and propose solutions to reduce variation in state privacy laws and to enable states to better understand their privacy law landscape and potential challenges to interstate electronic health information exchange.

Final Roadmap and Report

Final Report [PDF - 615 KB]
Provides an overview and summary of the purpose, goals, participants, analytical strategy, research methods, and findings of the HSPL Collaborative

50 State Legislative Analysis [PDF - 134 KB]
Provides a snapshot of the existing legal analysis documents at the outset of the collaborative process. Used to identify themes and inform the development of the analytical framework.

Final Roadmap [PDF - 995 KB] [DOC - 765 KB]
Includes Comparative Analysis Matrix and Assessment Tool and instructions for their use by other states and organizations. Provides a structured method for identifying state laws governing the use or disclosure of health information.

Best Practices Report [PDF - 393 KB]
Used to develop an effective analytical framework and capture lessons learned through the collaborative process.